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We are pleased to announce a new provider that has joined our practice. Elisa “Ellie” Drusky is our new Physician Assistant that will be seeing patients in our Batavia office and the Mercy Clermont Hospital. Ellie has participated in mission trips to Peru, Honduras and spent a year in Pohnpei, Micronesia as a volunteer teacher. After seeing how the lack of access to dependable healthcare affects indigenous people, Ellie decided to become a physician assistant.  She is excited to work with patients, educating them about their conditions and the best treatment plan for them. Her experience makes her a great asset for our practice and patients.

Cincinnati GI wishes Dr. Robert Krone Jr. a long and happy retirement PDF Print E-mail

Cincinnati GI wishes Dr. Robert Krone Jr. a long and happy retirement and a thank you for all your years of service to our patients. Dr. Krone will be volunteering at Mercy Anderson Hospital’s Clinic, they are fortunate to have someone with his knowledge and experience treating their patients.

The staff will miss his humor and the office will not be the same without him but we know this next chapter will hold many more great things for him.

Anderson Endoscopy Center is Open! PDF Print E-mail


New Anderson Endoscopy Center is Open!We are excited to announce Anderson Endoscopy Center is now open. Anderson Endoscopy Center is a five room Ambulatory Surgery Center that provides endoscopic procedures in a private outpatient setting. The Center is located in the same building that our Anderson office recently moved to on Beechmont Ave. Anderson Endoscopy Center staff specializes in endoscopic procedures and the physicians are all Board Certificate Gastroenterologists with a combine 135+ years of practice experience. Anderson Endoscopy Center offers a cost effective and a convenient alternative to the hospital setting, but the same quality of care and new state of the art equipment. Our physicians are looking forward to working at this new facility to give the best quality care to our patients.


Anderson Endoscopy Center

7661 Beechmont Ave Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45255-4216
Phone: 513-231-9010


Please contact your physician’s office to schedule your procedure.


Anderson Office:
Stephen Ionna, M.D.
Marvin Lopez, M.D.
Ganesh Kakarlapudi, M.D.
Said Nabhan, M.D.
Robert Krone, M.D.
Phone: 513-231-9010


Batavia Office:
Arcot Bhaskar, M.D.
Ganesh Kakarlapudi, M.D.
Phone: 513-735-0200


Dr. Hess presented at Mercy West’s “Happy Hour” PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Hess attends Mercy Hospital West's Happy HourDr. Hess recently participated in Mercy Hospital West’s Happy Hour Presentation where he spoke about the importance of Colonoscopy screening. The interval between colonoscopy procedures depends on many various clinical, social and family history variables.

First is if a person has had polyps, the polyps are removed and tested to see if those polyps can become cancerous so it may require a colonoscopy sooner than every ten years to check to see if more polyps have regrown in the colon since the last colonoscopy. If a patient has a family history of colon cancer, this will effect when a person should come in for their next procedure. Also, a patient’s own health can affect how often they should be screened; people with Breast or Ovarian cancer should be screened more often because studies have shown a correlation between those cancers and colon cancer. Make sure to keep your Gastroenterologist informed of any changes in your health. Finally, the symptoms a patient is having can change when they should be screened; symptoms like changes in your bowel, pain, and/or blood in the stool.

Dr. Hess explained the reasons for revising the timing of your next colonoscopy. In addition to the factors listed above, you should also make sure your physician is aware of any symptoms you might develop, any significant changes in your medical history or your family history. If you are interested in Mercy Hospital West’s Happy Hour Presentations they are done quarterly, it is free and there are multiple presentations from physicians located on the Westside.

Our Anderson Office has officially moved! PDF Print E-mail

Our Anderson Office has now moved to its new location on Beechmont Avenue. The new Anderson Office is still home to Dr. Ionna, Dr. Krone, Jr., Dr. Lopez, Dr. Kakarlapudi, Dr. Nabhan, and Shannon Horvath NP,C. You may schedule visits for any of these physicians by calling 513.231.9010. We look forward to seeing you at our newest office location!

Anderson Office

7661 Beechmont Suite 120
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
Voice: 513.231.9010


Cincinnati GI Welcomes New Physician! PDF Print E-mail


Cincinnati GI is happy to welcome its new physician Dr. Said Nabhan. Dr. Nabhan joined Cincinnati GI at our Anderson office where he will see patients. He will be preforming procedures at Mercy Anderson Hospital; also he will be preforming procedures at the new Anderson Endoscopy Center being built on Beechmont Ave.


Dr. Nabhan received his undergraduate and medical degree from the American University of Beirut. He did his internship and residency training at the University of Tennessee, College of Medicine. Dr. Nabhan then completed his Fellowship in Gastroenterology in 1996 and his Hepatology Fellowship in 1997 at the University of Tennessee. After completing his training he went into Private Practice in Dyersburg, Tennessee, where he practiced until moving to Cincinnati in September 2016.


For appointments with Dr. Nabhan, please call 513-231-9010.

Read more about Dr. Nabhan


New Endoscopy Center Opening in Anderson PDF Print E-mail

Cincinnati GI will be opening a new Endoscopy Center and office in Anderson on Beechmont Avenue. The new facility will house an Endoscopy Center and doctor’s offices on the ground floor and Cincinnati GI will be moving our office from Clough Pike to the new facility as well. The new facility is just a few minutes from Mercy Anderson Hospital and is conveniently surrounded by businesses and restaurants. A facility of this kind offers many advantages for both the doctors and the patients. Freestanding endoscopy centers can be more cost effective for patients and offer easier access. Also, the staff is specialized in Endoscopic care because it is the only type of care they are providing on a daily basis. Finally, it will cut down on the travel time for the physicians because they can go from performing procedures to treating patients in the office without having to leave the building. Construction for the building is underway and it is expected to be completed near the end of 2016.

Cincinnati GI welcomes Shannon Horvath, Nurse Practitioner, to our team PDF Print E-mail

Cincinnati GI is glad to welcome Shannon Horvath as our new Nurse Practitioner for Dr. David Hess and Dr. Stephen Ionna. Shannon has 13 years of experience in the GI field, working with Dr. Hess and Ionna as a Registered Nurse at Endoscopy Center West and The Christ Hospital in their endoscopy unit. Also, she worked as a nurse for Cincinnati GI, so when she completed her training as a Nurse Practitioner it was a perfect fit to have her join the staff as a Certified Nurse Practitioner. She is focused on providing individual care to every patient she sees. In this electronic world we live in, medical treatment has advanced but it is not a substitute for the one on one patient care that she will be providing.

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