CGI Uses Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Colonoscopy Screenings

Cincinnati, Ohio (November 4, 2022) – Cincinnati GI has performed its first colonoscopies using artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in the detection of polyps and lesions.

Cincinnati GI’s Anderson Endoscopy Center is the first and only endoscopy center or hospital in the Greater Cincinnati area currently offering AI-assisted colonoscopies. The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module was installed at the facility in October and has already been used in numerous routine colonoscopy screenings.

“With colorectal cancers on the rise, particularly among younger patients, it’s important that we make a preemptive strike by using the most advanced diagnostic solution on the market,” said Greg Schooler, Cincinnati GI’s chief operating officer.

GI Genius is a “smart” technology that analyzes what endoscopists view in real-time and works with the existing scope to keep an eye out for anything worth a closer look. By instantly flagging potential abnormalities for assessment during a colonoscopy, the AI-assisted procedure can help in the prevention of colorectal cancer by detecting precancerous polyps. In studies, AI-assisted colonoscopies positively identified 100% of lesions.

An AI-assisted colonoscopy takes no additional time, requires no extra preparation by the patient, and does not impact insurance coverage of the procedure.

Colonoscopy is one tool used for colorectal cancer screening, a recommended part of routine health care for those over the age of 45.

“90% of patients with colon cancer will beat it if it’s caught early. A screening assisted with artificial intelligence is another way for patients to stack the odds in their favor of catching precancerous polyps before disease advances and spreads to the lymph nodes,” noted Dr. Gregory Lam, a Cincinnati GI physician since 2018.

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