Cincinnati GI Launches Digital Pathology Solution to Speed Patient Care

Cincinnati (May 23, 2024) – Cincinnati GI, a specialty physician group focused on diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases of the digestive tract, is among the first practices in the state to embrace digital pathology, a cutting-edge technology that is set to revolutionize patient care. The practice anticipates a significant reduction in the turnaround time on pathology reports, potentially by about 24 hours.

“This is a new technology that not a lot of physicians are using, but we’re hopeful it will help us get results to our patients faster,” said Cincinnati GI Medical Director of Pathology Stephen Eliason, M.D.

With traditional pathology reports, biopsy samples taken at a physician’s office are mailed to a laboratory so the cells can be transferred to glass slides to be examined under a microscope. Those slides are then sent back to the physician. In contrast, with digital pathology, the process is streamlined. Instead of sending the slides back to the physician, the physician receives a high-resolution image, allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

“One day doesn’t sound like much, but every small step contributes to better patient care,” said Dr. Eliason.

About Cincinnati GI

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