New Endoscopy Center Opening in Anderson

Cincinnati GI will be opening a new Endoscopy Center and office in Anderson on Beechmont Avenue. The new facility will house an Endoscopy Center and doctor’s offices on the ground floor and Cincinnati GI will be moving our office from Clough Pike to the new facility as well. The new facility is just a few minutes from Mercy Anderson Hospital and is conveniently surrounded by businesses and restaurants. A facility of this kind offers many advantages for both the doctors and the patients. Freestanding endoscopy centers can be more cost effective for patients and offer easier access. Also, the staff is specialized in Endoscopic care because it is the only type of care they are providing on a daily basis. Finally, it will cut down on the travel time for the physicians because they can go from performing procedures to treating patients in the office without having to leave the building. Construction for the building is underway and it is expected to be completed near the end of 2016.