Forever grateful and hopeful for a full recovery because of Amanda Holloway

I highly recommend Amanda Holloway, NP-C to any patient needing GI help. I wish I had found her sooner to treat me. Before visiting her, over the span of two weeks, I had three emergency procedures and countless treatments done at a hospital with doctors not affiliated with her. Left with extreme pain and still no clear answers, I decided to get a second opinion and I’m so glad I did!

She took her time and explained everything that was going on with my body, making sure I fully understood the issues I had been facing. Her plan of action was clear, and I knew exactly what to expect. I went there in tears because of my pain and how I was treated by previous doctors. She was so kind and extremely educated on what all I had faced.

I left feeling confident with the decisions made and with hope that I will finally get answers, the correct treatments, and can start my healing journey. Her bedside manner is unmatched, and she made me feel a thousand times better after the crazy two weeks of unexpected health issues I had faced.

If you are looking for someone who is kind, patient, and will thoroughly educate you on what you’re being treated for, she is it. I have seen multiple doctors, nurses, and surgeons trying to help in the past two weeks. None of them have truly cared as much as she has. I’m forever grateful and now hopeful for a full recovery.

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