I actually beat stage four cancer!Wendys story

Learning I had stage four colorectal cancer when I was 41 was devastating. The news came after years of not feeling well, like I always had a hangover. I mean, I like beer, but not enough to be hung over for five years!

I’ll be honest, the treatment was brutal. Radiation, chemotherapy, a six-hour surgery, then months of more chemo. Miraculously all of the cancer – on both my colon and liver – was able to be removed during surgery. I actually beat stage four cancer!

I had mixed emotions the day my surgical oncologist said she no longer needed to see me. There was so much I liked about her, and I would miss her compassion. She referred me to Dr. Marvin Lopez at Cincinnati GI for routine follow-up. I was incredibly lucky because he was just as kind and caring as my surgeon. From the moment I met Dr. Lopez I could tell he was genuinely concerned about me. He always listens intently and keeps his focus on me during our twice-a-year visits. I think that’s rare.

And the staff at Cincinnati GI’s Beechmont location shows the same kindness and professionalism. When I’m there for a colonoscopy I don’t feel like just another patient. The warm blankets, their attentiveness, the follow-up phone calls…I feel like family!

It’s been eight years since my diagnosis. I no longer think about my cancer every day. The anxiety is gone. I got married to an incredible guy. I’m living my life again. And I have a medical team whose got my back. Life is good!

– Wendy

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