Trust us, getting cancer is worse.

Today’s anesthesia is safer, more effective, and won’t make you groggy all day. And the preparation… well, it’s come a long way, too.

Here are some facts you should know:

  • Colon cancer is the second-leading cancer-causing death in Clermont and Hamilton counties.
  • A colonoscopy doesn’t just detect colon cancer. It often prevents it because doctors can remove cancer-causing polyps during the procedure.
  • A colonoscopy is painless and takes less than 15 minutes on average.
  • You don’t need a referral and nearly all insurance policies now cover the procedure.

Who should get a colonoscopy?

The CDC recommends anyone 45 years or older at average risk should get a colonoscopy every 10 years. People with family history or higher risk should get them more often.

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Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard: The Differences
Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard: The Differences
Cologuard, the at-home colon cancer screening test that has been heavily marketed, has become a popular option due largely to its convenience – it can be performed without extensive preparation and does not require fasting. However, home-based stool-sample tests have raised concerns because they are not as accurate as colonoscopies, meaning they are more likely to produce false positives or negatives.
Dispelling 5 Myths About Colonoscopy Preparation
Dispelling 5 Myths About Colonoscopy Preparation
Did you know that a screening colonoscopy can actually prevent colon and rectal cancers from developing? Recent research shows that people who have had polyps removed during a routine colonoscopy were 50% less likely to die of colorectal cancer than the general population – even 15 years later.

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