Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard: The Differences


By Dr. Gregory Lam - Screening for colon cancer can be lifesaving, so getting yourself tested is important. However, patients should be aware there are big differences between a traditional colonoscopy and the Cologuard test. Cologuard, the at-home colon cancer screening test that has been heavily marketed, has become a popular option due largely [...]

Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard: The Differences2023-02-10T16:50:07-05:00

Dispelling 5 Myths About Colonoscopy Preparation


By Dr. Mark Manegold - Each year, gastroenterologists in the U.S. perform nearly 20 million colonoscopies. Yet that number should be higher. An estimated 40% of people who should get colonoscopies don’t, primarily out of fear of the preparation. But there are misconceptions about the prep that we’ll get to in a minute. Did you [...]

Dispelling 5 Myths About Colonoscopy Preparation2021-09-22T07:23:46-04:00
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