Home Upper Endoscopy What preparation is required?
What preparation is required?

For the best (and safest) examination, the stomach must be completely empty. You should have nothing to eat or drink, including water, for approximately six hours before the examination. Your doctor will be more specific about the time to begin fasting, dependent on the time of day that your test has been scheduled.


Possible medication adjustments

Before the test be sure to discuss with the doctor whether you should adjust any of your usual medications, any drug allergies you may have, and whether you have any other major diseases such as a heart or lung condition that might require special attention during the procedure.


Arrangements to get home after the test

If you are sedated, it is essential that you have someone available to drive you home or the doctor will be unable to do your procedure.  You should not drive or operate dangerous machinery within 24 hours of your procedure.  We recommend you take the remainder of the day off of work.