What Does the Gallbladder Do (Besides Make Stones)?


The gallbladder may be the least understood of all your body parts, but it sure knows how to make itself known. Exhibit A: Those galling stones. This painful ailment, which is diagnosed in nearly 1 million Americans a year, typically serves as the introduction to the otherwise unassuming organ. Our stomachs grumble and our [...]

What Does the Gallbladder Do (Besides Make Stones)?2024-03-20T11:18:54-04:00

Resolving to Eat Healthier in 2023? Listen to Your Gut


By Dr. Said Nabhan - To the rejoicing of guts everywhere, 2023 might not be the year of the glazed bacon doughnut. Half of the U.S. population has resolved to eat healthier in 2023, Statista reports. So out with the doughnuts, and in with the apples. But how many of these healthier eaters, we [...]

Resolving to Eat Healthier in 2023? Listen to Your Gut2024-03-20T11:18:58-04:00

Why We’re Grateful for 2022


By Greg Schooler, Chief Operating Officer As we close another calendar year, I’m reflecting on the past 12 months and all that we – and our patients – have accomplished. Following are four “gifts” we cherish most from 2022. Gift 1: Our access to transformative technologies. In November, our physicians performed the first colonoscopies [...]

Why We’re Grateful for 20222024-03-20T11:19:14-04:00

Do Not Skip Your Colonoscopy: Here’s Why


By Dr. Gregory Lam - If you had the opportunity to improve your chances of living without cancer, would you take that opportunity? A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Effect of Colonoscopy Screening on Risks of Colorectal Cancer and Related Death,” was sensationalized in the news media to demonstrate that [...]

Do Not Skip Your Colonoscopy: Here’s Why2024-04-16T13:54:52-04:00

Exercise Can Improve Your Gut Health


By Dr. Said Nabhan - Little things can add up to a lot when it comes to wellness. So it shouldn’t be surprising that when we exercise for better health, trillions of tiny organisms in our guts appear to get in better condition, too. Researchers have for years been exploring the link between exercise [...]

Exercise Can Improve Your Gut Health2024-03-20T11:19:56-04:00

5 Tips to Eat More Plants – Your Gut Will Thank You


By Dr. Ganesh Kakarlapudi - When it comes to your health, a hill of beans is worth more than you might think. It might add up to seven Super Bowls and other accolades. Just look to quarterback Tom Brady, performer Jennifer Lopez, and actor Brad Pitt. They all adhere to diets that are mostly [...]

5 Tips to Eat More Plants – Your Gut Will Thank You2024-03-20T11:20:01-04:00

They Found Polyps in My Colon. Should I be concerned?


There are more than 37 trillion cells in the human body, and each one divides regularly in order to grow. With numbers this high, some abnormalities can be expected. For as many as 40% of all American adults, these abnormalities can come in the form of small flat bumps or mushroom-like knobs, called polyps. [...]

They Found Polyps in My Colon. Should I be concerned?2024-03-20T11:20:21-04:00

Living With IBS: 6 Helpful Tips


By Dr. Said Nabhan - If you want to know what it’s like to live with irritable bowel syndrome, here is an example. You’re just finishing up lunch with some co-workers. Each returns to his or her work station, but you, recognizing the onset of familiar abdominal cramps, duck into the bathroom. The need to [...]

Living With IBS: 6 Helpful Tips2024-03-20T11:20:31-04:00

Treatments for GERD When Medication Isn’t Enough


Most people have had that “heart in the throat” feeling, but did you know that a small percentage of the population also experiences, literally, stomach in the throat? This is what happens in some cases of gastroesophageal reflux disease and, left untreated, it could develop into something serious. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is [...]

Treatments for GERD When Medication Isn’t Enough2024-03-20T11:20:46-04:00

Burping, Bloating, Blood – When to See a Gastroenterologist


Everybody burps. Everybody bloats. But if you or someone you know does so chronically, then it’s no longer an every-body issue. Persistent bloating, burping, trouble swallowing, weight loss – these all are symptoms of common gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses. Yet if left untreated, they can escalate into serious health issues, even death. It is estimated that [...]

Burping, Bloating, Blood – When to See a Gastroenterologist2024-03-20T11:20:51-04:00
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